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TELE-PTC Telecommunication High Tech Project Training Center, we are here to transfer years of experience and knowledge to you. TELE-PTC empowers you to reach your dream job in shorter time. Enjoy from our great variety of hands-on projects and training in telecommunication technologies. Connect with professionals in telecommunications around the world and especially in Canada. Receive one-on-one mentorship and increase your project management skills. Prove (through your training) your abilities to carry on high-tech projects and be ready to receive employment opportunities in North America. 


- Undergraduate Students, do you need experience to enter the job market?

Connect with professionals at TELE-PTC and gain hands on experience in short time.


- Graduate students, do you want to put your knowledge into practice?

Take part in TELE-PTC hands-on projects.


Training in Canada


- Professional Engineers, do you need to increase your expertise?

Complete a project at TELE-PTC at your leisure.


To register with us, please click here: Apply Now






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