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Model-based design kit

Rapid System Level FPGA Development in MATLAB and Xilinx System Generator for DSP

Built on top of Nutaq BSDK, Nutaq Model-based design tools (MBDK) enables customers to design, simulate, test, debug and deploy applications from the Simulink graphical environment without the need of writing any VHDL or C code.

Nutaq MBDK, built on top of its board software development kit (BSDK):

Nutaq MBDK advantages :


  • Benefits from combined The Mathworks’s Simulink interface and Xilinx’s System Generator for DSP tools that allows creation of FPGA images and this without any VHDL/Verilog knowledge.

  • Significantly reduce the time customers spend on low value-added tasks such as programming IO interfaces, adjusting FPGA constraints, debugging drivers, etc.

  • Provides host co-simulation tools, enabling real-life I/Os integration within simulation, step-by-step FPGA fabric design migration, easy FPGA-to-host interaction and data logging, etc.

  • Include Nutaq tools such as record/playback, host IO control and data streaming libraries.


Nutaq MBDK tool is dedicated to provide the best in class rapid development solution for the following applications: SIGNINT, SDR, Near Sensor Processing, Medical Imaging (PET scanners, Ultrasounds) and Physics (Linear accelerator, synchrotrons).

Nutaq MBDK key features:


  • FPGA development tools, enabling development of FPGA image from the Simulink environment. Combine with Xilinx System Generator for DSP, DSP algorithms and peripheral interfaces can be matched together to create real FPGA applications on Nutaq hardware.

  • Host Co-Simulation tools, enabling real-time data exchange between Nutaq hardware and the simulink environment, parameters configuration, register-based memory sharing for on-the-fly control, record/playback tools.

  • Built on top of Nutaq Board Software Development Kit (BSDK), Linux-based embedded applications are easily migrated trough the use of Nutaq cross platform host external APIs (EAPIs)


FPGA Development

Nutaq MBDK FPGA development tools benefits from the huge librairies of DSP function from Xilinx System Generator for DSP tool, which allows our user to develop their FPGA algorithms. Linked with Nutaq blockset library, user can map the defined algorithms to real IO interfaces such as high speed A/D converters, memory interfaces or PCIe/GigE backplane interface to a blade computer. Nutaq blocksets library not only enables complete synthesis of an FPGA application (bitstream file) but also enables interaction with Simulink blocks for simulation purpose (similar to Xilinx System Generator for DSP’s Gateway blockset)

Host Co-Simulation

Nutaq MBDK Host Co-Simulation tools enables Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDEx) with Nutaq FPGA-based hardware, enabling real-time data logging from the Simulink environment. The Host Co-Simulations blockset tools includes:

  • RTDEx blockset

  • FMC IO modules control blocksets

  • User defined control register blocksets (FPGA-Simulink shared register)


Easy Linux-based Embedded Migration


Embedded Linux-based applications are easily migrated trough the uses of Nutaq cross-platform EAPI (External APIs) libraries. The Nutaq MBDK Host Co-Simulation blocksets are built from the cross platform EAPI enabling easy migration when using an embedded Linux AMC blade. Very high bandwidth performances and low latency transactions can be achieve trough the use of various backplane interfaces (PCIe/GigE) as well as for more efficient operating system, such as Linux. Please look at the Board Software Development Kit (BSDK) section for more informations.

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