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Designed for high speed, synchronized, phase-coherent multichannel applications.

The ADAC250 FMC integrates a dual 14-bit, 250 MSPS A/D converter with a dual 16-bit, 1 GSPS D/A converter. Supports multiple clock and synchronization modes in an industry standard VITA 57.1 form factor.

  • 2x 14 bit, 250 MSPS ADC

  • 2x 16-bit, 1 GSPS DAC

  • Programmable gains on both converters

  • Xilinx ML605 Reference Design

  • Wideband, AC-coupled I/Os

  • 2–4x interpolation modes on DAC

  • Low-jitter reference clock and synchronization PLL

  • Supports external triggers

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